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Festivals are celebrated almost every month  and  of  those, the  Maham festival in the month of Masi ( February - March )  is important .  Once  in 12  years Mahamaham  Festival  is  celebrated  when  pilgrims from  far  and  wide  flock  to  the place  in  millions  and  take  bath  in the  Holy  Theertham,  the  Mahamaham  tank.

The Amirtha Theertha which spilled from the pot stagnated in two places at Kumbakonam (KMU). One at the eastern side  and the other at the south western side of Kumbeswaran temple. The south western side tank is called Mahamaham tank while the eastern one is called as Porthamarai tank. (Pon - Gold , Thamarai - Lotus ).
Mahamaham Festival

Brahma thought that the right time to worship Shiva is during the month of Maasi ( second half of FEB. / first half of MAR. ). In this month ( when the moon is raising crescent and star - Ashwini ), he had a holy dip in Mahamaham tank and did Mahamaha Urchavam. On the tenth day he didurchava for Lord Kumbeswara in the tank. This is called Maham festival celebrated every year.

When Navakannigas ( Rivers - Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Saraswathi, Godavari,Cauvery, Sindhu, Sarayu, and Mahanadhi ) wanted to dispose the sins washed out by the people, and  prayed Shiva, the Lord asked them to take a holy dip during the auspicious time of  Mahmaham and purify themselves.

Auspicious time of Mahamaham
When Sun is in Kumbha rasi and Guru in Simha rasi on a full moon day, with Maham star in Rishibha Lagnam ( 10.30 - 12 Noon) , Mahamaham time falls.All the Gods in Kumbakonam are believed to come to the tank at that time.

Various Theerthams present in Mahamaham Tank
1. Vayu  2. Ganga 3. Brhama 4. Yamuna 5. Kubher 6. Godavari. 7. Eesani 
8. Narmada 9. Indira 10. Saraswathi 11. Agni 12. Cauvery 13. Naga 14. Kunani 15.Thiruthi 16. Palaar 17. Deva 18. Varuna 19. Sarayu. 20. Kanniga ( at the centre ).


Properties & Management
This  Temple  owns 241 - 2  acres wet and  dry  lands  and  some  shop  buildings.   The  annual  income  is  about Rs.  2,25,000.   This  temple  is  managed by  a  board  of  honorary  trustees  and paid  executive officer  appointed  under  the provisions of  the  scheme  of  administration  settled by  the  Deputy  Commissioner .   H. R.  &  C. E  ( Admn. ),  Thanjavur.

In  addition  to  the  number  of  silver plated  vehicles  (Vahanams )  there  is a silver plated chariot presented  to  the  temple  by  his Holiness Kasi  the  Thambiran  Swamigal  of  Tiruppanandal  Mutt.   Among the jewels  there  is a  string  of Danish gold  coinsTwo pipes (Musical  instruments  called  Nathaswarams ) made of  granite  stone  are  said  to  have been  once  used  by  celebrated  Pipers. They  are  preserved  for  the exhibition  to the  public.

Kalyanamandapam  was  built  and  dedicated  by a  lady  devotee  called  Miss.  Balamani Ammal , a  popular  dramatist  of  this  place at  a  cost  of  about  Rs . 40,000.  The  Thirukalyanam  and  the  festival attached to  it  are  celebrated  in  this  hall and  the  temple  library  is  also  housed therein.

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